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Ray Dobbins & Corinna Miller 

Rentals: Corinna Miller Tel. 207.441.9815

Maintenance & Construction: Ray Dobbins Tel. 207.441.6901

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Featured Rentals

  Augusta, Maine

49 Eastern Avenue

Monmouth, Maine

721 Main Street

Farmingdale, Maine

306 Maine Avenue

Monmouth, Maine

72 Scott Drive

Readfield, Maine

40 Church Road

Oakland, Maine

McGraw Pond

186 Mcgrath Pond Rd

Readfield, Maine

Toussette Point Road

Augusta, Maine

53 State Street


Property Owners that would like to list with PLD Property Management, Contact Ray Dobbins at 207-441-6901 or E-Mail
Rentals: Corinna Miller Tel. 207.441.9815 E-Mail
Maintenance: Ray Dobbins Tel. 207.441.6901 E-Mail

PLD Groups
P O Box 5353
Augusta, ME 04332

Tel 207.441.6901

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